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British Virgin Islands BVI . Pop - 22,016. Area - 153 km². Capital - Road Town. Largest City – Road Town. Currency – U.S. dollar. Language – English. Main Religion – Protestant Christian. Time Zone – GMT - 4 hours. Main Airport – Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport EIS. Climate – tropical climate, moderated by trade winds. Voltage guide 110V. Dialing code 00284. British Virgin Islands is a British overseas territory, located in the Caribbean Sea to the east of Puerto Rico. The British Virgin Islands, or to use it’s popular abbreviation BVI, consist of the main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke, along with over fifty other smaller islands and cays. Some significant smaller islands include - Beef Island, Cooper Island, Ginger Island, Great Camanoe, Great Thatch, Guana Island, Mosquito Island, Necker Island, Norman Island, Peter Island, and Salt Island. Most of the islands are of volvanic origin and are suitably rugged, and are covered in tropical trees and vegetation. The islands are relatively prosperous when compared to other Caribbean islands. The two economic drivers are tourism and financial services. Substantial revenues are generated by the registration of offshore companies and companies on the islands. However, tourism is regarded as more important as more local companies are involved and it is the biggest employer. Tourists engage in a number of activites including visiting the numerous white sand beaches, visiting The Baths on Virgin Gorda, snorkeling the coral reefs near Anegada, sampling the well-known bars of Jost Van Dyke, or chartering yachts to explore the less accessible islands. Also, a substantial number of the tourists who visit the BVI are now cruise ship passengers.

British Virgin Islands BVI Hotels in Tortola

British Virgin Islands BVI Hotels Accommodation Travel and Flights Tortola Road Town Anegada Virgin Gorda Jost Van Dyke Mosquito Island Great Camanoe Necker Island and British Virgin Islands Travel and Tourism.

British Virgin Islands BVI picture near Mount Sage on the island of Tortola

Tortola BVI - wikipedia

Tortola is the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands, a group of islands which form part of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands. Local belief is that the name was originally given to the island by Christopher Columbus, meaning "land of the Turtle Dove".

British Virgin Islands - wikipedia

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a British overseas territory, located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico. The islands make up part of the Virgin Islands archipelago, the remaining islands constituting the U.S. Virgin Islands. Technically the name of the Territory is simply the "Virgin Islands", but in practice since 1917 they have been almost universally referred to as the "British Virgin Islands" to distinguish the islands from the American Territory.

British Virgin Islands - wikitravel

The British Virgin Islands are a self-governing British overseas territory, situated in the Caribbean just to the east of the US Virgin Islands. The BVIs, as they are called, are a popular travel destination for sailors, fishermen (and women), sun worshippers, and other independent travellers, albeit not for the cost conscious. Boating among the dozens of tiny, mostly uninhabited, islands is a great stop on any tour of the Caribbean islands.

Economy of the British Virgin Islands - wikipedia

The economy of the British Virgin Islands is one of the most prosperous in the Caribbean. According to the CIA World factbook, in 2004 the Territory had the 12th highest GDP per capita in the world. The economy of the Territory is based upon the "twin pillars" of tourism, which generates an estimated 45% of the national income, and financial services, which generates almost all of the rest.

Road Town BVI - wikipedia

Road Town, located on Tortola island, is the capital of the British Virgin Islands. It is situated on the horseshoe-shaped Road Harbour in the centre of the island's south coast. The town's population is about 9,400 (as of 2004). The name is derived from the nautical term "the roads", a place less sheltered than a harbour but which ships can easily get to.

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