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Travel Home > Directory > Destinations > Asia > Myanmar > Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung Hotels Rooms in Pathein Myanmar

Ngwe Saung Hotels reservation including Aureum Palace Hotel Sunny Paradise Resort Palm Beach Resort Myanmar Treasure Beach Resort Ngwe Saung Travel and Tourism.

Aureum Palace Hotel - Ngwe Saung

With its commitment to service and focus on hospitality, you'll enjoy a stay at the 5 star Aureum Palace Hotel. Book your room now at Aureum Palace Hotel via a secure online booking form.

Aureum Palace Hotel - Ngwe Saung

Ayeyarwady Division - wikipedia

Ayeyarwady Division is a division of Myanmar, occupying the delta region of the Ayeyarwady River (formerly the Irrawaddy River). Chaungtha Beach and Ngwesaung Beach are popular resorts for both foreigners and Myanmar people. They are located in west side of Ayewarwaddy Division, one hours distance from Pathein city.

Pathein - Encyclopaedia Britannica

Formerly Bassein city, southern Myanmar (Burma). It lies on the Bassein River, which is the westernmost distributary of the Irrawaddy River and is navigable by ships up to 10,000 tons. The city is a deepwater port and has several rice mills; rice is exported from there. It also has sawmills and machine shops and is known for its pottery and coloured umbrellas and sunshades.

Pathein - wikipedia

Pathein is a city (1983 pop. 144,092) and the capital of Ayeyarwady Division, Myanmar. Lying at the western edge of the Ayeyarwady River delta, on the Pathein (Ngawan) River 118 miles (190 km) west of Yangon, Pathein is accessible to large vessels and despite its distance from the ocean, it is the most important delta port outside of Yangon.

Pathein - wikitravel

Pathein (Bassein) is a city (1983 pop. 144,092) and is the capital of Ayeyarwady Division, Myanmar. Pathein is now a peaceful little town with a scenic waterfront, many Buddhist temples, and Pathein umbrella workshops. The colourful handmade umbrellas made in Pathein are famous in Myanmar.

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