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Travel Home > Directory > Destinations > Europe > Croatia > Rabac

Rabac. Pop. 10,000 (Tourist Population). Currency Kuna HRK. Language Croatian. Time Zone GMT + 1 hour. Best Time to go – spring and summer for beach and water sports. Rabac is a large beach resort situated about 5km south east of Labin in Istria, north western Croatia. However, it started life as a small fishing village and it still retains this charm. Around Rabac there are strings of beaches, tiny coves, small bays and lush Mediterranean vegetation. There are numerous restaurants offering tasty local cuisine with fishing and excursion boats leaving harbor at sunset.

Rabac Hotels and Rooms near the Istria Peninsula Croatia

Rabac Hotels and Accommodation including Lanterna Hotel Castor Hotel Marina Hotel Mimosa Hotel Rabac Travel and Tourism near the Istria Peninsula Croatia.

Lanterna Hotel Rabac

The Lanterna Hotel, is a 4 star hotel with 133 rooms. The hotel has lovely facilites, a nice pool and wonderful views from terraces. Guests can head off to the hills in a hire car and there are some stunning views from the small single track roads.

Lanterna Hotel Rabac

Istria County - wikipedia

Istria county (Croatian: Istarska županija; Italian: Regione istriana) is the westernmost county of Croatia which includes the biggest part of the Istrian peninsula (2820 out of 3160 km˛). Area is called Istra in Croatian and Slovenian, and Istria in Italian. Because of important ethnic minorities, especially Italians, the region adopts a bilingual form. Its administrative center is Pazin/Pisino.

Istrian Democratic Assembly - wikipedia

The Istrian Democratic Assembly (Croatian: Istarski demokratski sabor, Italian: Dieta democratica istriana) is a Croatian regional political party in Istria.

Labin - wikipedia

Labin (Italian: Albona) is a town in Istria, Croatia, population 7,904 (2001) with 12,426 in the municipality (which also includes small towns of Rabac and Vinež, as well as a number of smaller villages, such as Crni).

Rabac - wikipedia

Rabac, (Italian: Portalbona) a Croatian village in Istria, is a large resort town on Kvarner Bay, just southeast of Labin. Long a small fishing port of just three dozen homes, Rabac has grown in recent years into a resort town with numerous villas and apartment buildings.

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